26 Jun 2014

We will all benefit - StingRadio - My radio interview

My radio interview on Tuesday 24 June is at http://www.mixcloud.com/StingRadio/stingradio-show-24062014/
It starts at 36.45 minutes and ends at 45.35 and is followed by one with David Bryceland of Oxfordshire MIND (who I know and have worked with) which lasts till 48.40.
Part of the We will all benefit Campaign (not to be confused with Who Benefits).

money wasted building "bigger, better" roads

Think of all the money our councils have wasted over the years by building "bigger, better" roads — and they're still not cured of the "disease". We've spent 50 years trying to emulate the US (and now nearly everyone in Britain drives to shop "out of town"), only for the Americans to show us it's been a huge waste of time and cash.

15 Jun 2014

The World is My Country

“The World is My Country” is Peace News' poster exhibition and speaking tour to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War. It highlights the history and stories of the people and organisations that opposed the conflict: police raids, feminist peace initiatives, clandestine printing presses, striking German munitions workers and communities of resistance from Huddersfield to Hackney.