27 Dec 2017

Ruby's recipes

Ruby's recipes: Carrot Cake, Gingerbread Cake, Curry, Risotto, Spaghetti Bolognese, Hummus.

24 Dec 2017

Descartes Meditation 6

Finally, in Sixth Meditation, Part 2, Descartes mentions how the mind and body interact:

18 Dec 2017

Cartesian Dualism and Free Will

This is to inform our book group discussion on Cartesian Dualism. I've added the related topic of Free Will.

16 Dec 2017

8 Dec 2017

"Articulate" Description Game

This is an old game that has been marketed as a board game - see wikipedia.org/wiki/Articulate - but only really needs pen and paper and a phone for a timer.

7 Dec 2017

Draw breath

"Draw breath" - poem by Geoffrey Weedon

Breathe in the quiet purpose of this place;
Through outward stillness, seek a calm within.
Here we can find forgiveness and forgive;
Here feel the healing miracle begin.

6 Dec 2017

silent meeting

Reflections on a silent meeting for worship at Colchester,  November 2017, by Dave Stanbury

We sat in a circle
Listening for the echoes of grace within
For a while nothing seemed to be happening 

1 Dec 2017

art from plastic in the sea

Making art from plastic debris in our seas and oceans is a common theme among various artists today. There is plenty of source material to work with, after all. Two such artists are Fran Crowe and Hannah Scott -