25 Jan 2015

Cuadrilla's fracking tests 'likely cause' of earthquakes near Blackpool

It is "highly probable" that shale gas test drilling - aka hydraulic fracturing, or fracking - triggered earth tremors in Lancashire, states a report, commissioned by energy firm Cuadrilla, on earthquakes of magnitude 2.3 on the Fylde coast on 1 April 2011, followed by a second of magnitude 1.4 on 27 May.

11 Jan 2015

street lights: not black and white

Here is my letter on behalf of Colchester Green Party that took top spot on the 9 Jan 2015 Essex County Standard letters page:

Regarding the “Switch our street lights back on” petition being promoted by Sir Bob Russell, we in the Green Party are worried that this is turning into a “lights off / lights on” debate on Essex County Council’s part-night lighting. Sadly, Sir Bob’s petition does not allow people to vote for any alternatives such as the middle way proposed by the Green Party’s County Councillor, James Abbott, as follows.

8 Jan 2015

Pope Francis calls for action on climate change and capitalism

Go to www.democracynow.org/2014/12/31/pope_francis_calls_for_action_on to hear how Pope Francis is set to make history by issuing the first-ever comprehensive Vatican teachings on climate change, which will urge 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide to take action.