11 Aug 2018

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Next Book Group choice (by BB) is Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari (2011).

6 Aug 2018

Colchester local plan and Sajid Javid

Colchester Borough Council (CBC) has an ‘emerging Local Plan’ for 2017-2033. It’s a government requirement to have one. New CBC leader, Mark Cory, is holding a listening event about it at the Town Hall at 3.30pm on Tues 7 August. (Previously there was the Adopted Local Plan 2001-2021, an 80-page document that was largely ignored, as far as I can tell.)

My questions for the listening event would be:

12 Jul 2018

Accidental Anarchist film report

Twenty-seven people attended the screening at Firstsite on Sat 30 June of Accidental Anarchist: Life Without Government. (See previous blogpost for details.)  It was free and there was a collection, which raised £75.

7 Jul 2018


Great find on Internet: Librivox - free public domain audiobooks read by volunteers from all over the world. 

4 Jul 2018

rentier capitalism vs free market

Rentiers are the people who live off income gained from property and other assets – above all the “0.01ers”. Good book on this is The Corruption of Capitalism (Why rentiers thrive and work does not pay) by Guy Standing: