30 Jun 2016

Lexden Road Bus Stop

Following my blog on 24 June, here are various objections to the proposed scheme for a bus lane along Lexden Road, edited from various sources.

24 Jun 2016

No to Lexden Road Bus Lane

I'm not opposed to bus lanes in principle, far from it, but this plan to remove the two cycle lanes on Lexden Road to make way for an unnecessary bus lane is driving me round the bend.

Rhode Gear Ultra Shuttle 3 Cycle Bike Rack instructions

Step 1

23 Jun 2016

Conversation in a cable car

"Conversation in a cable car" by Ernest Hall, published in May 2016 Southern East Anglia Area Quaker Meeting Newsletter

22 Jun 2016

reflections on Experiment with Light

My reflections on Experiment with Light, the one-day Quaker retreat on Saturday 9 April at Colchester Meeting House,

15 Jun 2016

Referendums past and present: EU and AV

EEC referendum 6 June 1975: UK voters backed continued membership of the European Economic Community by a large majority in the country's first nationwide referendum, reported the BBC:

14 Jun 2016

10 Jun 2016

EU referendum betting odds

Betting odds indicate 62 per cent probability of UK voting to stay in EU (as at 15 June 2016), having dropped from 78 per cent probability in the last few weeks. Nevertheless 62:38 is not a neck and neck race!