24 Jun 2016

Rhode Gear Ultra Shuttle 3 Cycle Bike Rack instructions

Step 1

Identify the yellow-coloured hub adjusters of your Shuttle bike rack. Rotate the hub adjusters to loosen the two framing pieces. Locate the larger of the two adjustable pieces, known as the lower frame. Place the lower frame under the back windshield of your minivan or hatchback. If you drive a car, rest the lower frame against the back of your trunk.

Step 2
Position the top frame onto a solid metallic section of your car. Hold the Shuttle rack in place while tightening the frame pieces to fit your vehicle. Push down on the hub adjuster levers to lock the framing pieces in place. Avoid placing the top frame onto the glass of your rear windshield.

Step 3
Attach the upper hooks around the top edge of your trunk or hatch. Adjust the length of the straps to allow the Shuttle rack to hang in place. Fasten the lower hooks around the bottom edge of your trunk or hatch. Tighten the straps to secure the Shuttle bike rack to the back of your vehicle.

Step 4
Position the side hooks around the vertical edges of your trunk. Adjust the side straps to prevent the Shuttle rack from sliding back and forth. Lift the lever of one of the hub adjusters. Rotate the hub adjuster to move the support arms to a horizontal position. Avoid lifting both hub levers at the same time as this will loosen the alignment of the rack.

Step 5
Lower the levers to secure the position of the support arms. Place the metallic frame of your mountain bike onto the support arms. Tighten the corresponding security straps to fasten your mountain bike to the Shuttle rack. Cover the sharp edges of your mountain bike pedals to prevent damage to the rear of your vehicle.

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