25 Jan 2015

Cuadrilla's fracking tests 'likely cause' of earthquakes near Blackpool

It is "highly probable" that shale gas test drilling - aka hydraulic fracturing, or fracking - triggered earth tremors in Lancashire, states a report, commissioned by energy firm Cuadrilla, on earthquakes of magnitude 2.3 on the Fylde coast on 1 April 2011, followed by a second of magnitude 1.4 on 27 May.

Cuadrilla suspended its shale gas test drilling in June, over fears of links to the earthquakes.

The report also found that the quakes were due to an "unusual combination of geology at the well site" and that the conditions which caused the minor earthquakes were "unlikely to occur again". To which the retort from for Frack Off was: "They should have done their research before drilling began. Can we believe anything else the industry says when it talks about the safety of fracking?"

What else is wrong with fracking?
Potentially carcinogenic chemicals could escape during the process and find their way into drinking water sources. Friends of the Earth's senior climate campaigner Tony Bosworth said: "Experience in the US shows [fracking] could also pollute air and water supplies.Extracting shale gas would suck vital funding away from clean and safe energy alternatives that could create thousands more UK jobs."



Stop press: Lancashire County Council have now set dates for the determination of Cuadrilla’s applications to drill and frack for shale gas in Lancashire. Preston New Road – 28th January 2015, Roseacre Wood - 29th January 2015 (dates may be subject to change).

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