3 Nov 2017

Accidental Anarchist film

Accidental Anarchist: Life Without Government is a rare instance of TV putting anarchism in a favourable light. You can see the trailer at www.accidentalanarchist.net. Produced by BBC Scotland and shown on BBC4 Storyville on Sunday 23 July 2017 at 21:50, the one-hour film tells how:
Carne Ross was a career diplomat who believed western democracy could save us all. But after the Iraq war he became disillusioned and resigned. This film traces Carne's worldwide quest to find a better way of doing things - from a farming collective in Spain, to Occupy Wall Street to Rojava in war-torn Syria - as he makes the epic journey from government insider to anarchist.

Carne Ross was also one of a handful of people who were honoured as a Visionary for a Just and Peaceful World by the Quaker Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust in 2004. If I remember right, the JRCT funding helped him set up his new voluntary organisation, Independent Diplomat

Accidental Anarchist was shown at the London Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 28 October 2017, followed by Q&A with Carne Ross, Lisa McKenzie and David Graeber. I tweeted afterwards to find out about local screenings. I have since found out that the distributors, Hopscotch Films, can't yet offer the film for screenings, due to distribution terms, and say:
if you are interested in hosting a public event with the film, let us know and we can keep you in the loop as plans are finalised. Making this film has been expensive, so we will be asking for a contribution, based on the type of screening you are hosting and what you are able to afford. We can discuss the details when we get in touch.
Finally, here is a recent Viewsnight clip of  Carne Ross speaking about anarchism for 2 minutes on BBC Newsnight in August.

PS 6 Feb 2018: Accidental Anarchist is online at www.accidentalanarchist.net/watch-online and the producers can support you to host your own screenings.

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