10 Nov 2017

Carmageddon hubcap sculpture

Carmageddon – the hubcap sculpture. Is there anyone with artistic inclination among my friends who would like to collaborate with me on making a sculpture? I call it Carmageddon and it is basically a large sphere covered in hubcaps. Thinks of it as a rollerball coming down the road to crush cyclists, pedestrians and any other kind of non-motorised traffic. The sculpture is a protest against car culture, obviously. My dream is to take it to demonstrations or events about sustainable transport and cycling and so on, for example:
I’ve been collecting hubcaps that get discarded by the roadside for a few years. Colchester Cycle Stores have given me some bicycle wheel rims that can be formed into the sphere as an armature to which to attach the hubcaps: 2 or 3 rims cut and opened out to form larger circles depending on where on the sphere they sit. Fig 1 shows the armature and fig 2 shows the sphere with hubcaps on it.

Carmageddon hubcap sculpture
Being made of discarded hubcaps and recycled wheel rims, the sculpture is also about consumer culture and recycling.

So, would anyone like to support me in this endeavour? Please could you let me know if you would like to help to construct it and/or deciding what scale to make it, where to store it when it is finished and what use to put it to?

I’ve posted this on Facebook and sent it by email to various friends as well. Fingers crossed for a positive reply.

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