11 Apr 2015

Poem on dialysis

Days and moments slowly dragging
Only two more hours to go
Some days that can seem a lifetime
some say it’s a friend,  but it feels like a foe

Relentless, depressing - this in-centre treatment
It plays with my mind and my feelings all day
Tedious and tiring and unfailingly boring
But worst  is just knowing, it won’t go away.

The days and the weeks they just keep on rolling
For many it’s months and yes, years to endure
No hope of reprieve, for the bell keeps on tolling
Like a lifer on death row, or a fish to a lure.

The needles, the cramps, the fluid restrictions
Potassium, phosphate and crumbling bones
Take your iron, your Epo, your other pill burden
Hear the grumping and gnashing of other folks’ moans.

most long for the phone call that seems so elusive
To offer relief from this endless nightmare
But the years just roll on and the call does not happen
As gradually we feel that the world does not care

So what is this treatment we all fear so badly
“It can’t be so terrible”, you’ve heard some folk say
But please just imagine the terrible heartache
Of a life on dialysis and a life without play.

So what kind of outcome do we wish for our “family”
There’s only two choices that they have to face
For one is the living hell of our treatment
And the other is hoping we might win the race

So God hear our prayers and pleas for a future
Free from this tedious world that we face
And grant us a chance at that wonderful gift
A transplant, a life,  all given with God’s Grace.

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