25 Apr 2015

You Tube Off Line

YouTube has a new free sub, lasting 6 months, where you can download videos to view off line. Very useful for people like me who like to watch/listen on a smartphone in a wifi zone. It means you can watch/listen to stuff out and about, where using 3G connection would, in my case for example, soon exhaust my monthly subs limit. It also means you don’t get the stop/start stutter when watching/listening in the wifi zone.

But not many of the YouTube Channels that I subscribe to have extended themselves to making their uploads downloadable for offline access. Some have a offline download button (the logo is a down arrow on the far right of the Like/Dislike buttons) but when you try to download, it turns out that they are “not available offline”. Others don’t even have the offline download button.

Here’s hoping that my favourite Channels will soon rectify this and I’m going to email them now to ask them about this. My favourite Channels include:
YouTube videos became available offline as of December 2014 - see indiatoday or support.google.com

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