12 Jul 2018

Accidental Anarchist film report

Twenty-seven people attended the screening at Firstsite on Sat 30 June of Accidental Anarchist: Life Without Government. (See previous blogpost for details.)  It was free and there was a collection, which raised £75.

More would have attended if I had avoided the date of the NHS 70th birthday march in London. Still, I was glad I arranged it as those who saw the film found it inspiring and those who saw my publicity may have watched the film online via the pay-per-view Vimeo link.

Unfortunately Carne Ross was out of the country and unavailable for the Q&A.

Thanks again to
  • Colchester Trades Council for £50 towards venue hire
  • Firstsite Community Events team for providing the cinema and other support
  • the Q&A speaker, who was a member of Plan C and a solidarity activist with the Kurdish Freedom Movement and who spoke about the Rojava Revolution and anarchism in general (he’d prefer to remain nameless)
  • Liam from Hopscotch Films (who tried to join in with the Q&A via Skype from Toronto until the technology broke down)
  • Phil for having me as a guest on his Colne Radio Leftfield show
Thanks above all to Hopscotch Films for making the film available for screening on a donation-only basis.

What next?

Not sure, but in the meantime, do look up Plan C, the UK anarchist/communist network - www.weareplanc.org - which seems to be one of the more active anarchist groups at present. They have a branch in Essex. Although it is not yet listed on their main contacts page, it goes by the name of Red Essex and can be contacted on Facebook @solidarityredessex. It's not explicitly an anarchist group although some members are anarchists/autonomist communists.

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